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British intelligence assessed the number and potential of “Wagnerites” remaining in Belarus

ByJohn Newman

Feb 6, 2024

Wagner PMC mercenaries have been on the territory of Belarus since June last year (at that time there were 8,000 terrorists left in this country), and, apparently, Prigozhin’s former subordinates do not stop training local military and security forces employees.

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British intelligence assessed the number and potential of the Wagnerites remaining in Belarus

Photo – ukrinform.ua

About the fact that in Belarus, apparently, there are no more than 1,000 Russian mercenaries of the Wagner PMC, and also how they are used by the Lukashenko regime, writes NBN, citing to the official X-account of the UK Ministry of Defense.

British military intelligence analysts believe it is extremely unlikely that the self-appointed President of Belarus (RB) Alexander Lukashenko will use the “Wagnerites” beyond their current competence,  – now terrorists are training military personnel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but they are unlikely to be able to take direct part in supporting the internal or border security of the Republic of Belarus.

The UK Ministry of Defense added – a long stay of Wagner PMC mercenaries in Belarus is almost certain benefits the Russian war effort by forcing Ukraine to hold defensive positions and personnel along its northern border with Belarus to defend against a likely future invasion.

We previously wrote about what British intelligence explained , why did the Russian Federation tighten control over the former “Wagnerites.”


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