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British intelligence explained the reduction in daily losses of the Russian Federation in March

ByJohn Newman

Apr 7, 2024

After the start of a full-scale war in February 2022, the Russian occupation forces, on average, lost 658 units of “manpower” per day, but soon such dynamics began to increase.

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British intelligence explained the reduction in daily losses in the Russian Federation in March

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About the fact that for more than 2 recent years, the daily losses of the “second army of the world” have increased by not less than 500 people, writes NBN, citing the official X-account of the UK Ministry of Defense.

According to estimates of military intelligence analysts Britain, with & nbsp; every year, the statistics of the average daily losses of Russians only grew: with & nbsp; 400 people in & nbsp; 2022 & nbsp; year before & nbsp; 693 people in & nbsp; 2023 & nbsp; year, in & nbsp; first months of 2024 & nbSP; – before & nbsp; 987 & nbsp; man. It is assumed that this trend indicates the ongoing interconnectedness of mass casualties of the invaders in an effort to maintain proper pressure on the positions of the Defense Forces on the front line.

However, during the first month of spring, the average daily number of casualties of the invaders as killed , and wounded, decreased by 74 people to 913 people/daily. All this, apparently, indicates not only a decrease in the number of Russian offensive operations, but also a “pause” on the restoration/rearmament of Putin’s army after the capture of Avdievka, as well as intentions to minimize the numbers in the lists of those killed in the war. period of pseudo-elections of the President of the Russian Federation.

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