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British intelligence explained Ukraine's dominance in the Black Sea, assessing the success of attacks on the Russian Navy

ByJohn Newman

Feb 25, 2024

Recent successful attacks by Ukrainian aquadrones (carried out by the Main Intelligence Directorate, SBU, Navy and Defense Forces), including the sinking of the Russian launch vehicle Ivanovets and the large landing craft Caesar Kunikov, not only led to the removal of the 2nd commander The Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation, from the moment of the start of full-scale aggression, but also actually “cleared” the Black Sea from the presence of occupying ships.

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British intelligence explained Ukraine's dominance in the Black Sea, assessing the success of attacks on the Russian Navy

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About the fact that as a result of effective attacks by Ukraine, in particular, the execution of combined attacks on the Russian Navy in the waters of the Black Sea, our country forced the terrorist state to perceive any such threats as maximum, writes NBN, referring to X-account of the UK Ministry of Defense.

As British military intelligence noted, by the time the war with Ukraine began in February of the year before last, the Russian Navy felt some freedom in maneuvering throughout the Black Sea, especially in the north-west. However, after the successful operations of Ukraine, which used an attack technique asymmetrical to the traditional actions of the navy, for example, strikes with various guided missiles and aquadrones, the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation was forced to repeatedly reconsider “its appetite for risk.”

UK MoD analysts emphasize that Ukraine forced Russia to increase its threat perception to new heights through a combination of attacks on both land and sea, ultimately forcing the Russian Black Sea Fleet to redeploy to the eastern part the Black Sea, depriving the Russians of the potential to interfere in the transportation carried out by sea.

Thus, after the cancellation of the “grain deal” by Russia, Ukraine, thanks to its actions, gained dominance in the western part of the Black Sea sea, increasing exports through a 1-sided humanitarian corridor, and expanding to the pre-war level the volume of supplies of goods, greater than those when the Black Sea Initiative was still in effect.

We previously wrote about the fact that intelligence Great Britain told why the Kremlin is trying to silence critics of the war with Ukraine.


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