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British intelligence explained why the occupiers began to lose their best missiles during launch

ByJohn Newman

Apr 9, 2024

In the Saratov region of the aggressor country, a fragment of a rocket was discovered on March 31, the corresponding footage was spread on the Internet. British Intelligence commented on the incident with the fall of ammunition from the “second army of the world.”

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British intelligence explained , why the invaders began to lose their best missiles during launch

Photo – ria.ru

British intelligence reported that with the appearance of photographs on the Internet with the wreckage of an unknown object in a field in the Saratov region, it was initially assumed that this was footage of part of a Ukrainian UAV.

This is reported by NBN with reference to the account of the Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom on the social network X.

The department's report says that upon closer examination of the images, it became clear that fragments of the Russian Armed Forces Kh-101/102 cruise missile were discovered in the south of the aggressor country.

British intelligence believes that missile debris fell in a field in the Saratov region occurred due to a malfunction of a projectile that the “second army of the world” launched into Ukraine on March 31. There are several air bases in the region, in particular the Engels airfield.

British intelligence noted that the Kh-101/102 missiles are the best precision-guided munitions in the aggressor country with a destruction range of about 4000 km, which Putin’s army used against Ukraine. The last time the invaders aimed this weapon at the energy infrastructure of a neighboring state.

The department added that the malfunction of this missile indicates problems in the production of the projectile, which likely arose due to anti-Russian sanctions and the rush to satisfy the Russian military-industrial complex demands of war.

Earlier, Russian journalists calculated how many aerial bombs the planes of Putin’s troops “lost” in the Belgorod region over the past three weeks.


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