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British intelligence has uncovered a number of pre-election problems for the Kremlin, provoked by successful Ukrainian UAV strikes

ByJohn Newman

Mar 9, 2024

Not so long ago, Ukrainian drones carried out effective attacks on the Ilsky and Afipsky oil refineries in the Krasnodar Territory, not counting a series of similar Russian facilities that were disabled.

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British intelligence has revealed a number of pre-election problems problems for the Kremlin, provoked by successful strikes by Ukrainian UAVs

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That is, the Russian authorities will become especially vulnerable to an increase in the cost of auto fuel in the run-up to the presidential elections scheduled from March 15 to March 17, since Ukrainian drone strikes will somewhat spoil the “beautiful picture” of stability, writes “NBN”, referring to the official X-account of the UK Ministry of Defense.

British military intelligence analysts indicate that from March 1, the Russian Federation was forced to introduce a six-month ban on gasoline exports, intending to stabilize the price situation on the domestic market (demand had grown too much), and also resumed the export embargo that had been in effect since 21 September to November 17 last year.

The UK Ministry of Defense believes that the oil refining capacity of the Russian Federation has noticeably decreased due to the recent numerous Ukrainian UAV attacks on oil refineries throughout the country. aggressor. Thus, restrictions on exports are intended to minimize significant pressure on the regularity of supplies, giving Russia time to carry out repair work at its refineries.

It should be noted that the repairs described above will, apparently, take much more time than before, since Western sanctions prevent the import of some necessary components.

We previously wrote about how the Main Intelligence Directorate commented on the night drone strike on two oil refineries in Russia.


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