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British intelligence reported on which sectors of the front in the Donetsk region Putin’s army concentrated its efforts

ByJohn Newman

Mar 14, 2024

The difficulties observed in the current situation on the front line will continue for the defenders of Ukraine over the coming weeks, as the Russian occupation forces began to restore forces, after which they will continue to intensively attack in priority directions.

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British intelligence reported on which sectors of the front in the Donetsk region Putin's army concentrated its efforts

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About the fact that even now Putin’s army does not stop carrying out assaults on several sections of the contact line, but soon the situation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces will become significantly more complicated, writes NBN, citing the X-account of the UK Ministry of Defense.

Based on British military intelligence data, the occupiers concentrated operations west of Avdeevka and Marinka in the Donetsk region: these sections of the front line account for at least 60 percent of reports of Russian shelling (along the last 4 weeks).

However, according to statistics from the UK Ministry of Defense, the average number of weekly notifications regarding Russian ground attacks has decreased by 13 percent since the end of February this year, when the average number of assaults was 7 ;days reached 600.

In particular, after Putin’s army occupied Avdievka and several settlements to the west of this city, its advance slowed down somewhat.

Previously, we wrote about the fact that British intelligence assessed the impact of the strengthened defensive line of Ukraine on the course of the war and the speed of the Russian offensive.


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