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British intelligence showed how the occupiers' losses increased after the intensification of the offensive

ByJohn Newman

Jan 21, 2024

One ​​of the key factors contributing to the intensification of the offensive actions of Putin’s army in the last 2 weeks, apparently, is a significant cold snap in Ukraine, which provoked freezing of the soil, and thereby allowed the invaders to ignore natural obstacles when moving in armored vehicles , but there are also negative consequences for the soldiers of the terrorist state.

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British intelligence showed how the losses of the occupiers increased after the intensification of the offensive

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About the fact that the “second army of the world” is Over the past 14 days, it has increased the pace of the offensive in almost all front-line sectors in Ukraine, as a result of which the level of losses of the “liberators” has increased, writes NBN, citing an analytical summary posted on the official X-account of the UK Ministry of Defense.

In particular, British military intelligence analyzed information from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine dated Friday, January 19, in accordance with which, the number of shelling by the Russian occupation forces invading the front lines increased by 27 percent, if carried out comparison with previous days. However, such an increase in the number of shellings did not help the occupiers too much—over the course of 5 days, the amount of “recycled” Russian military equipment increased by 88 percent.

At the same time, damage from the actions of the defenders our country is impressive: Putin’s army will not count in tanks—by 95 percent more than was recorded in identical time periods last year, and in “manpower” the growth dynamics amounted to 15 percent. percent.

Earlier, we wrote about how the AFU commented on ISW ​​information about the occupation of the village of Krakhmalnoye in Kharkiv region.


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