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Budanov was told what results of voting for Putin will be “drawn” in the occupied regions of Ukraine

ByJohn Newman

Mar 14, 2024

Deputy Head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Major General Vadim Skibitsky, said that the results of the pseudo-elections at WOT are already known in the Kremlin and named the numbers of support that will be “drawn” for Vladimir Putin.

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Budanov was told what voting results for Putin will be “drawn” in the occupied regions of Ukraine

Photo – ria.ru

In the temporarily occupied regions of Ukraine, “early” voting continues in the “presidential elections”, but their results are already known to the Russian leadership, NBN reports with reference to RBC-Ukraine.

Budanov’s deputy said that Local collaborators also participate in fake elections. The Kremlin dictator set the task for the “authorities” in the occupied territories to “draw” for him a turnout of 75% and the same percentage of support. It is possible that the Kremlin’s proteges, in order to curry favor with Putin, can give out “voting results” of 85% or higher.

According to the general, the “drawn” indicators are important for the Russian leader and propagandists to show him “ support” not only from citizens of the Russian Federation, but also from residents of the Russian Federation.

Recall that ISW analysts told how the Kremlin is trying to avoid breaking through the border again on the eve of Putin’s “re-election” as President of the Russian Federation.


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