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Cancellation of the fight Usyk vs. Fury: an insider found out the likely time of a new fight

ByJohn Newman

Feb 3, 2024

The day before, Briton Tyson “Gypsy King” Fury, during training before a fight with Ukrainian Alexander Usik, received a “serious” injury – a cut eyebrow above his right eye, which was the reason for postponing the fight planned in the capital Saudi Arabia on February 17th.

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Cancellation of the fight Usik vs. Fury: an insider has found out the likely time of the new fight

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About the fact that the long-awaited fight between Usik and ;Fury, due to the injury of the British boxer, will be held in only 4 months, writes NBN, citing information posted by ESPN journalist Salvador Rodriguez on his X-account.

As it became known, the “Gypsy King” team considers June to be the priority date, since such a long period of time will supposedly allow the Briton to fully heal the cut, and at the same time adequately prepare for the “superfight.”

Note that that after the fight was cancelled, Fury attempted to apologize to all those affected by the decision, including his own team, “Team Usyk, the undercard fighters, partners, fans and friends in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

However, Sergei Lapin, the head of the team of champion Usik, commented on Fury’s injury in a unique way, calling the Briton a “cowardly belly” and emphasizing that “we know who the real champion is and who is just a pathetic coward.”

Cancellation of the fight Usik vs. Fury Fury: an insider has found out the likely time of the new fight

We previously wrote about the fact that Usyk revealed a number of “surprises” that he had prepared for Fury in the fight of the year.


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