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Chaos, division and darkness – Biden spoke harshly about Trump's possible second term

ByJohn Newman

Mar 6, 2024

The day before, former US President Donald Trump won the “primaries” of the Republican Party as part of “Super Tuesday”, which was held simultaneously in 15 states, and now it has become known what threat this “triumph” poses.

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Chaos, division and darkness — Biden spoke sharply about Trump's possible second term

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On the fact that, according to current US President Joseph Biden, victory in the presidential race, and, accordingly, Trump's second term, means a return of the United States to “chaos, division and darkness” , writes NBN, citing a CNN material.

According to Biden, four years ago he was forced to run because he felt the “existential threat” that Trump posed to America, contrary to his belief in the  the best from the side of the local society.

The current US President added if Trump manages to get into the post of head of the White House, then the entire level of progress achieved by the current administration will “be in jeopardy”, since the scandalous The American oligarch is “driven by resentment and greed, focused on his own revenge and retribution,” and not on the interests of the American people.

We previously wrote about the fact that Trump again accused Biden of ;wars on the territory of Ukraine and Israel.


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