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Chisinau commented on Lavrov’s scandalous statement about “traces of Kyiv” in the government of Moldova

ByJohn Newman

Mar 3, 2024

The day before, at a forum held in Turkey, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the government of Moldova is allegedly “following in the footsteps of Kiev,” thus responding to the appeal of the “deputies” of Transnistria to the Kremlin for help in implementing measures on protection from increased pressure from Chisinau.

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On the fact that representatives of the aggressor country do not have any right to give lectures about democracy, writes NBN, citing a statement by the Foreign Ministry of Moldova, published in ;Reuters.

Based on the text of the message from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Moldova, neither Lavrov nor the Kremlin regime have the moral right to make statements regarding democracy or freedom, since it is Moscow that not only puts people in prison opposition politicians or kills them, but without any reason attacks its own neighbors, that is, it cannot offer the world community “nothing but blood and pain.”

In  The Foreign Ministry of Moldova emphasized that their country is “building a European future so that all our citizens, regardless of language and ethnicity, live in peace and prosperity.”

Earlier, we wrote about  that the CNS told for what purposes the special services of the Russian Federation are recruiting Ukrainians who have left for Transnistria.


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