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Consequences of the “Bavovna” in Crimea: local media reported the liquidation of a Russian lieutenant colonel during an attack on the Saki airfield

ByJohn Newman

Jan 14, 2024

On Thursday and Friday, January 4th and 5th, explosions thundered on the territory of the temporarily occupied Crimean peninsula – the Ukrainian army carried out attacks on the Russian military airfield “Saki”, and contrary to statements by the Ministry of Defense of the aggressor country about the interception of all guided aircraft missiles by their air defense systems, in reality everything turned out to be somewhat different.

Photo – t.me/Crimeanwind

About the fact that as a result of an attack on the above-mentioned object of the Russian occupation invasion forces, he died one of the commanders of the 43rd separate naval assault aviation regiment, writes NBN, referring to confirmed information posted in the Crimean Wind Telegram channel.

In accordance with the information provided According to media reports, we are talking about the death of the deputy commander of the 43rd separate naval assault aviation regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Chernobryvyy – it was this occupier who was effectively eliminated by a missile strike on the Saki airfield, carried out on the night from the 5th to the 6th. January.

As it became known, on that night the Defense Forces of our state effectively delivered a “scalpel-storm” (SCALP /Storm Shadow) strike on the above-described object of the “second army of the world.”

Earlier, we wrote that ISW talked about the “secrets of success” of Ukrainian air defense in the recent counteraction to a massive missile attack of the Russian Federation.


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