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Contact group “Ramstein” may come under NATO control for protection against Trump – media

ByJohn Newman

Apr 3, 2024

The media stated that in order to protect the Contact Group for the Defense of Ukraine in the Ramstein format from Donald Trump, if he is re-elected as US President, it may be placed under the control of the North Atlantic Alliance.

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Ramstein Contact Group may come under NATO control for protection from Trump – Media

Photo – Mary Altaffer/Associated Press

The American publication Politico, citing one US and three European officials, writes that the Ramstein format could be placed under the control of the North Atlantic Alliance if Donald Trump, who opposes providing assistance to Ukraine, returns to Belyi house, NBN reports.

As journalists report, the gradual transition of the Ramstein contact group under the control of the military-political bloc will likely be on the agenda of the meeting of the foreign ministers of NATO member countries on April 3-4 in Brussels. At the same time, the final decision on this issue will be made at the summit of the organization’s leaders in Washington.

Currently, meetings in the “Ramstein” format are led by the United States, however, with Trump coming to power in the United States, problems may arise in the work of the group. Transferring the assistance project to Ukraine under the control of the Alliance will isolate it from the scandalous politician and make it more stable.

Earlier, the head of the Estonian defense department told what Trump is right about US allies in Europe.


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