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Destruction of the Russian ship “Sergey Kotov” near Kerch: what is known about the fate of the crew

ByJohn Newman

Mar 5, 2024

On the night of Tuesday, March 5, a special unit of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense “negated” the patrol ship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet “Sergey Kotov” near the temporarily captured Kerch. Russian media commented on the incident, reporting the fate of the crew of the warship of Putin's occupation forces.

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Photo – facebook.com/mod.mil.rus

The Russian Telegram channel “Kremlin Snuffbox” writes that after a strike by sea drones on the ship, allegedly part of its crew managed to escape , while 19 sailors are considered missing. Since the attack occurred at night, it was difficult for the invaders to carry out a search operation in the dark, NBN reports.

The Russians launched the ship “Sergei Kotov” in temporarily occupied Kerch relatively recently – in January 2021. Since the “liberators” were unable to detect Ukrainian sea drones, the new vessel of the Black Sea Fleet of the aggressor country was damaged and sank under water.

As reported, Budanov was given details of the “demilitarization” of the patrol ship of the “second army of the world” near Kerch Strait by special forces of the GUR MOU.


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