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Destruction of three Su-34s: Ignat named areas where such operations could be repeated by defenders

The simultaneous destruction of three Su-34 fighter-bombers at once (according to one version, thanks to the Patriot air defense system) on December 22, caused panic among the “second army of the world” – the occupiers minimized the use of air weapons, in particular, by adjustable air bombs in the Kherson direction, which was already reported in OK “South”.

Destruction of three Su-34s: Ignat named areas where repeating such operations by defenders is possible

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On the fact that Putin’s army may face identical problems in other areas, writes NBN, referring to the statement Speaker of the Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Colonel Yuri Ignat, sounded during the broadcast of the telethon on the TSN YouTube channel.

According to Ignat, the Russian invasion army realizes that the Defense Forces are able to move to various sectors of the front are long-range missile systems provided by Western countries. In in particular, the invaders were able to clearly verify the effectiveness of the actions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, but did not understand that this is not the end, and the continuation of such operations is likely.

The Spokesman of the Air Force added similar “stories” with enemy planes may happen again not only over the Odessa region, but and in the Bryansk direction, provided that Ukraine receives “more of these systems.”

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that The ISW reported on the use of prohibited ammunition by the occupiers on the Left Bank of the Kherson region.


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