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Elon Musk said Putin “will not lose” and called on the US not to help Ukraine

ByJohn Newman

Feb 13, 2024

The head of SpaceX Corporation, American businessman Elon Musk believes that Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin will not be defeated in the war against Ukraine. The billionaire tried to justify the Russian invasion and called on the US not to continue supporting Kiev.

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Elon Musk said that Putin “will not lose” and called on the US not to help Ukraine

Photo – reuters.com

During a discussion on the social network X, in which opponents of the bill on assistance to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan took part, an American entrepreneur said that “there is no chance” that the head of the Kremlin could be defeated in the war against Ukraine, NBN reports with reference to Bloomberg.

The billionaire, addressing Republicans in the US Senate, said that Washington’s spending on aid to Ukraine supposedly does not help to her. The scandalous businessman also tried to justify the Kremlin dictator who started the war.

The head of the SpaceX corporation believes that the Russian leader is allegedly being pressured to bring the war to an end, and if he refuses to do this, he will be killed. At the same time, Musk called statements that he is a supporter of the aggressor president “absurd.”

The billionaire is convinced that his company, by providing Starlink communications to the Ukrainians, allegedly did more to undermine the terrorist state than anyone else. then another.

The businessman said that he just wants to stop the deaths of people from two countries. At the same time, he believes that the person who eliminates the head of the Kremlin to change the regime in the Russian Federation “will be tougher” than the dictator.

Earlier, Musk called statements about the use of Starlink communications of the Russian Armed Forces at the front in Ukraine a lie.


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