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Explosions occurred in Crimea at night, Russians complained of a ballistic attack

ByJohn Newman

Apr 30, 2024

On the night of Tuesday, April 30, a series of explosions occurred in the territory of the temporarily occupied Crimea. The Russians complained that the peninsula was hit by ballistics, the occupiers were blocking the Kerch Bridge.

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At night, explosions occurred in Crimea, the Russians complained of a ballistic attack

Photo – apnews.com

The SHOT Telegram channel wrote that at night residents of Simferopol and Dzhankoy woke up to the loud sounds of explosions and heard more than ten powerful “pops”. The occupiers immediately announced the work of air defense over the cities.

Before this, the invaders reported the threat of a missile strike and blocked traffic on the Kerch Bridge, NBN reports.

Telegram channel ” State of Emergency/Sevastopol” complained that a combined strike was carried out on Crimea at night. They allegedly first fired drones at the peninsula, and then attacked it with ATACMS ballistic missiles. The air defense of the aggressor country allegedly managed to shoot down 10 air targets.

Recall that there were explosions in Crimea on April 28 as well. Russian media reported an attack by ATACMS missiles on the peninsula, as a result of which the “second army of the world” suffered losses of manpower and equipment.


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