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Fedorov told what methods the “authorities” of Melitopol use to enhance the “Russification” of the population

ByJohn Newman

Jan 4, 2024

The occupation administrations of the temporarily occupied part of the Zaporozhye region began to intensively change the ethnic composition of the local population, and now it has become known what methods the Russians resort to.

Photo – mind.ua

About the fact that At this stage, at least half of the residents of Melitopol are people imported from the Russian Federation, writes NBN, citing information published in the official Telegram channel of the mayor of the said city, Ivan Fedorov.

According to  Fedorov, at first the invaders brought local residents to complete poverty, and then, through the occupation employment center, they offered unemployed Ukrainians to go to work in the Russian Federation. At the same time, in return for the Ukrainian population, Russian “guest workers” are brought to Zaporozhye.

Thus, now about 50 percent of the population of Melitopol is non-local: over the course of 2 years of occupation, about 90 thousand citizens were forced to move to other settlements in Ukraine and the world, and in only 60 000 indigenous residents remained in the city, and about the same number “came in large numbers from the enemy country.”

Previously, we  wrote that Fedorov was revealing ways to promote Putin’s “candidacy” in Melitopol on the eve of the pseudo-elections.


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