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FIFA updated the rating of national teams: where does the Ukrainian team end up?

ByJohn Newman

Feb 15, 2024

The adjusted rating of the International Football Federation (FIFA) will have a major impact on the draw process for qualifying for the 2026 World Cup, and now it has become known how the national team of our country is positioned.

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FIFA updated the ranking of national teams: what place is the Ukrainian team in

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About the fact that the last time the statuses of national teams changed was in December last year, but after the African Cup of Nations and the Asian Cup, the placement of teams in the general table was revised, NBN writes, citing to the official page of the International Football Federation.

As it became known, our national team lost 2 positions, and, in general, the top 25 looks like this:

  • Argentina team took 1st place;
  • France —2nd place;
  • Great Britain —3rd place;
  • Belgium  — 4th place;
  • Brazil —5th place;
  • Netherlands —6th place;
  • Portugal —7th place;
  • Spain  — 8th place;
  • Italy — 9th place;
  • Croatia — 10th place;
  • Uruguay — 11th place ;
  • Morocco — 12th place;
  • USA — 13th place (was 12th);
  • Colombia — 14th place;
  • Mexico —15th place;
  • Germany —16th place;
  • Senegal —17th place (was 20th );
  • Japan — 18th place (was 17th);
  • Switzerland — 19th place (was 18th);
  • Iran — 20th place (was 21st);
  • Denmark — 21st place (was 19th);
  • South Korea — 22nd place (was 23rd);
  • Australia — 23rd place (was 21st);
  • Ukraine — 24th place (was 22nd);
  • Austria —25th place (was 24th).

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