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From 2024, Ukrainians will receive a third gas receipt: how payments will change

Starting from 2024, household consumers in our country will face the introduction of a tariff for servicing in-house gas equipment, that is, in fact, the 3rd payment for “blue fuel”, which will mainly affect those who live in high-rise buildings.

From 2024, Ukrainians will receive a third receipt for gas: how payments will change

Photo – rbc.ua

NBN writes about the fact that apartment owners “own” gas communications inside the house, the maintenance of which they will soon be required to pay for, citing the Observer material.

This service affects:

  • checking the gas pipeline and adapter seals;
  • detecting air pressure leaks;
  • maintenance of shut-off valves and other devices.

No later than January 5, 2024, gas supply companies will post on their pages the cost of maintenance for each multi-storey building, including inspection schedules. Approximate prices for similar work are 155.5 hryvnia/annually or 25.9 hryvnia/6 months for each apartment, depending on the complexity of the in-house gas equipment.

We wrote earlier , how in Ukraine may increase tariffs for all utilities from 2024.


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