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Gumenyuk spoke about the features of the Russian Federation’s combined strike on Ukraine on February 25

ByJohn Newman

Feb 25, 2024

On the night of this weekend, the “second army of the world” launched not only 18 “Geraney-2-Shahed” attack drones across the territory of our country (16 were shot down), but also tried to attack positions of the Defense Forces with missiles.

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Gumenyuk spoke about the features of the combined Russian strike on Ukraine on February 25

Photo – tsn.ua

On the fact that on this Sunday night, the Russian occupation attacked Ukraine in waves, using missiles and kamikaze drones of the Geran2-Shahed131/136 type, writes NBN, citing the explanation of OK South Speaker Natalia Gumenyuk , sounded during the telethon on the TSN YouTube channel.

According to Gumenyuk, at first Putin’s army intended, with the help of tactical aircraft, to disable the Ukrainian air defense system by striking with air-launched missiles X -31P from the sky over the Black Sea, but all enemy targets were shot down.

In addition, a little later, the “liberators” sent several waves of Russian-Iranian strike drones to various regions of our country— The first attack on the Nikolayev region lasted 1.5 hours, and the next attack, aimed at the central and western regions, took place over a period of 3 hours.

Earlier, we wrote about the that the US State Department disclosed the scale of arms supplies from the DPRK to the Russian Federation over the last 6 months.


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