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Gumenyuk told how the Russian Federation’s tactics in using aviation have changed after the loss of fighters

The head of the press center of the Defense Forces of Southern Ukraine, Natalya Gumenyuk, spoke about the new tactics of using combat aircraft by the “second army of the world” after the Ukrainian Armed Forces “negated” several fighters of the invaders.

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Photo – ria.ru

The head of the press center said on air at the national telethon, that after the “demilitarization” of three Russian Su-34 fighters by the Defense Forces in the Kherson region on December 22, the Russian Armed Forces slightly changed the tactics of striking in the south of Ukraine, NBN reports.

Gumenyuk noted that there have been fundamental changes in the tactics of using There is no aviation by Putin’s occupation forces, the number and density of strikes have changed. At the same time, the invaders began to take a more balanced approach to the use of combat aircraft – they are looking for new launch boundaries so as not to expose fighters to danger.

The speaker of the operational command “South” recalled that previously enemy aviation carried out group raids and launched KABs on several directions. Now, while one fighter is firing adjustable aerial bombs, another is trying to cover it.

Earlier, Head of State Vladimir Zelensky said that on the eve of Christmas, the Defense Forces “removed” five combat aircraft of the Russian Federation troops in a week.


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