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Hodges assessed the possibility of Russian troops breaking through deep into Ukraine

ByJohn Newman

Mar 28, 2024

Former commander of American forces in Europe, retired lieutenant general, senior NATO logistics adviser Ben Hodges assessed the possibility of a breakthrough of Russian occupation forces deep into Ukraine.

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Hodges assessed the possibility of a breakthrough of Russian troops deep into Ukraine

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On hromadske, a NATO adviser said that the “second army of the world” is using delays in Western aid to Ukraine to carry out more intensive attacks, NBN reports.

At the same time, today the Russian Armed Forces do not have the resources and forces that would allow them to move in the direction of large cities. Hodges noted that he does not see a mobile group of Russians that could consolidate their offensive in the Avdeevka area or could move in the direction of Kiev, Kharkov and other large populated areas.

In addition, as the ex-commander said US troops in Europe, it is unlikely that Putin’s army has the logistics for the movement of trained armored formations.

According to him, now the Russian Federation is simply “pushing people into a meat grinder”, trying to strangle the Defense Forces with mass, and is simply waging an outdated war to exhaustion.

Hodges previously advised Ukraine to ignore US calls to stop attacks on Russian refineries.


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