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Hodges explained why the Kremlin does not pay attention to the large-scale “disposal” of the occupiers in Ukraine

The former commander of American troops in Europe, retired Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, explained why the military-political leadership of the Russian Federation does not pay attention to the huge losses of Putin’s occupation forces in Ukraine and does not change the tactics of combat operations.< /h2>

Hodges explained why the Kremlin does not pay attention to the large-scale

Photo – atlanticcouncil.org

On the air of the national telethon, Hodges explained why the command of the Russian Armed Forces is “disposing” of a lot of its manpower in the war in Ukraine and does not change tactics, NBN reports.

According to the ex-commander of the troops The United States in Europe, ignoring the losses of Putin’s army at the front, the Kremlin seeks to show Ukraine and the West that the aggressor country supposedly has unlimited resources for conducting combat operations.

The general drew attention to the fact that “the second army of the world “are mainly replenished at the expense of those citizens of the Russian Federation who are “not pitied,” in particular representatives of small nations who live in remote regions of the terrorist state.

Hodges noted that Moscow is ready to lose hundreds of fighters every day, only would create the illusion of a limitless amount of reserves in the Russian Federation. Thus, the Kremlin hopes to demonstrate a “margin of safety” to undermine the will of Ukrainians to resist and force the West to abandon support for Kyiv.

Earlier, the general explained why Ukraine should not expect positive results from the NATO summit in Washington.


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