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How many Ukrainians believe that Ukraine will win the war with Russia in the short term – opinion poll

The Ilk Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation, together with the sociological service of the Razumkov Center, found out what Ukrainians think about the timing of ending the war with the Russian Federation through the victory of our country.

How many Ukrainians believe that Ukraine will win the war with the Russian Federation in the short term – sociological survey

Photo – zsu.gov.ua

Results of a sociological survey , conducted from December 8 to 15, showed that the absolute majority of Ukrainian citizens believe in the victory of their country over Russia – 88%, of which 63% of respondents are unequivocally convinced that the occupiers will be defeated. Only 5% of the study participants doubt this, NBN reports.

Sociologists note that 58% of respondents believe that our country will win in the short term. 6% of respondents are convinced that this will happen in the next few months, 21% — by next summer. 31% of Ukrainians believe that Russia will be defeated in the war in one or two years.

At the same time, 15% of citizens believe that Ukraine will win in the medium term (in 3-5 years). 2.5% of respondents are inclined to the most pessimistic scenario – they believe that victory will not come in their lifetime.

Recall that the KIIS opinion poll showed who Ukrainians would choose as the first president if they now returned to 1991.< /p>


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