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How to prevent your smartphone from breaking down: experts suggest where it’s best to store the device

ByJohn Newman

Feb 2, 2024

If you leave an irrelevant “gadget” in the wrong place, then in the end, your smartphone or tablet will work significantly worse, and it has now become known for what reasons.

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How to prevent your smartphone from failing: experts have suggested where it is best to store the device

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About the fact that due to careless storage, it is not always possible to charge a mobile device right away, since the smartphone/tablet can go into a “deep discharge” state, but that’s not all, writes “NBN”, referring to the iTECHua material.

For example, if “devices” are left in the wrong place for a long time, then they will become covered with dust, and, at a minimum, will become heavily contaminated. — small hardened particles will not only cover the screen, but also penetrate into the speaker or clog the charging connector, which, in turn, with a high degree of probability can simply “break” the device. Thus, “ancient” smartphones and tablets that are not used for a long period should be placed in a closed locker.

Also, you need to remember that any mobile device needs to be turned on and charged from time to time (at least once a month) in order to prevent the transition into a “deep discharge”, from which it is quite difficult to remove a smartphone or tablet.

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