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Ignat reported what stocks of high-precision long-range missiles remained in the arsenals of the Russian Federation

ByJohn Newman

Jan 28, 2024

Previously, Ukrainian military intelligence reported that the Russian military-industrial complex (MIC) is capable of producing no more than 50 high-precision missiles every month: 20 of them are sea-based “Calibers” and 30 are air-launched X-101 cruise missiles .

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Ignat reported what stocks of high-precision long-range missiles remain in the arsenals of the Russian Federation

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O&nbsp “The fact that at this stage of the war Putin’s army has 900 high-precision long-range missiles of various types,” NBN writes, citing the explanation voiced by the speaker of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Colonel Yuri Ignat, during the telethon broadcast on the YouTube channel “ TSN.”

According to Ignat, the level of such reserves of the invaders, in fact, remained at the same level, since the enemies, during the last 3 combined attacks on Ukraine, used a large number of missiles: 29 On December 1st, the Russian occupation invasion forces used 158 air attack weapons (both attack drones and missiles), and on January 2nd, about 100 identical ammunition.

The Air Force Speaker emphasized that The “second army of the world” launches approximately the same number of missiles during attacks on Ukraine that the military-industrial complex of a terrorist state is capable of producing over the course of a month.

Previously, our news portal reported on how Ignat assessed statement by Estonian intelligence about the intensification of Russian shelling of Ukraine due to the supply of F-16s.


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