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In Skabeeva’s talk show, a real “fire” started because of Zaluzhny: the blogger voiced the details

ByJohn Newman

Feb 9, 2024

During a propaganda talk show on Russian television, hosted by Olga Skabeeva, a real “fire” occurred, the cause of which was a discussion of the topic of the dismissal of the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny.

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Photo – Liga.net

As NBN reports, the famous Ukrainian journalist and blogger Denis Kazansky reported this on his TG channel.

So, at some point on a propaganda talk show, one of the guests of the TV show, military expert Sivkov began to praise Zaluzhny, admitting that he was a great military leader, because he was able to stop the stronger Russian army.

After such words from Sivkov, as the blogger put it in his post, “Skabeeva began to have a seizure “.

Verbatim from the statement released by Denis Kazansky:

This caused Skabeeva to have a real seizure. She began to silence the expert and yell that Valery Zaluzhny is a “killer of Russian soldiers,” and his talents supposedly cannot be praised.

We recall that we previously wrote about the appointment of Syrsky as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


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