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In Ukraine, they may reconsider the approach to disconnecting utilities from debtors: what is proposed in the Rada

ByJohn Newman

Mar 1, 2024

Since the beginning of this year, the Cabinet of Ministers has canceled the moratorium on the termination of the provision of utility services to household consumers who have accumulated significant debts, while simultaneously allowing supplying companies to fine such irresponsible citizens, as well as to sue them.

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Ukraine may reconsider its approach to disconnecting utilities for debtors: what is proposed in the Rada

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About the fact that in accordance with the document registered in the parliament, people's deputies propose to introduce an alternative version of the moratorium, prohibiting the disconnection of electricity, gas and water only to persons belonging to the ;vulnerable social categories, writes “NBN”, referring to the material of “Novini.LIVE”.

As it became known, even in war conditions, people's representatives do not stop striving to provide support to those who is experiencing financial difficulties with paying bills for utility services —according to the next draft law, it is proposed to introduce a ban on disconnections due to debts for citizens who remain in a vulnerable situation.

In particular, if the bill will be adopted, “innovations” will affect:

  • individuals with disabilities;
  • non-working pensioners;
  • families with low income;
  • large families.

Earlier, we wrote about what the maximum punishment faces debtors for “utilities” in Ukraine.


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