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Income growth for civil servants in 2024: how the minimum salary for public sector employees will change

ByJohn Newman

Jan 4, 2024

During this year, Ukraine will increase the minimum wage (“minimum wage”) in 2 stages, which will ultimately increase by 1,300 hryvnia.

Growth of income of civil servants in 2024 : how the minimum salary of state employees will change

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About how the salaries of citizens working ” on the state”, informs “NBN”, referring to Law “On The State Budget of Ukraine for 2024”, published on the official page of the Verkhovna Rada.

In in particular, from the current month, the amount of the “minimum wage” will increase by 400 hryvnia, up to 7,100 hryvnia, and with the arrival of April 2024, it will increase by 900 hryvnia (up to 8,000 hryvnia).

Taking into account that the official salaries (tariff rates) of employees of various government agencies or similar public sector organizations (the so-called “state employees”) are also “tied” to the minimum wage, their small incomes will also increase in the order below:

  • from January, the monetary incentive for an employee in the 1st tariff category of the UTS will “jump” to 3,190 hryvnia;
  • from April the amount of identical remuneration for labor will increase to 3  600 hryvnia.

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