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“Infection” with malicious code: IT specialists named the most common ways to infect a PC

ByJohn Newman

Jan 31, 2024

Not only on the Internet there is a lot of unreliable software (software), which, primarily due to the carelessness of the user, can end up on a computer/laptop/tablet.

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About  , how to avoid penetration of various viruses, “encryptors”, “miners” onto your device, which either destroy the operating system or steal the user’s personal data (logins and passwords), writes “NBN”, referring to the iTECHua material.

In particular, you must be extremely careful:

  • When opening attachments received via email, you should not launch files or open links in an email sent by an unknown sender;
  • by visiting dubious sites—often phishing pages are disguised as streaming services and other popular resources;
  • by installing “hacked” software, especially after downloading “free” versions programs;
  • using torrent trackers, since the downloaded files may contain malicious “bookmarks”;
  • connecting someone else’s USB flash drive without checking with an antivirus—it may contain virus software .

Earlier, we wrote about how you can easily “clean” your Android smartphone of unnecessary data.


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