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ISW explained under what conditions Putin’s army will achieve short-term tactical successes on the front line

ByJohn Newman

Apr 28, 2024

Over the coming weeks, the Russian occupation army looks set to gain some tactical advantages at the front as the Ukrainian Armed Forces await the receipt of promised Western weapons following the recent approval of a US military support funding package.

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ISW explained under what conditions Putin's army will achieve short-term tactical successes on the front line

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About the fact that, despite the above-described delays in supplies from the United States, the occupiers are still not able to fully break through or “defeat” the defense line of the defenders of our country, writes NBN, citing the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

According to ISW analysts, the urgent arrival of American military assistance to the front will enable the Ukrainian army to resolve logistical difficulties and, accordingly, stop the offensive of Putin’s troops. However, it is likely that the “second army of the world” will intensify efforts aimed at destabilizing the defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, trying to gain a foothold in some sectors of the front, before the arrival of weapons from the United States in Ukraine.

In addition, The “liberators” intend to use the current offensive attempts and missile attacks on Ukraine to prepare a bridgehead in anticipation of the start of a larger-scale similar operation by the Russian Armed Forces, planned for the end of May or the beginning of June. In particular, the invaders, over the coming weeks, may carry out a series of further “tactical breakthroughs” near Avdiivka, occupying Chasovaya Yar, but will not “capture” Ukraine completely.

At the Institute of Studies wars summarized:

However, none of these efforts will develop into operationally significant penetration in the near term, let alone to lead to the collapse of the defensive line of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Donetsk region.

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that ISW pointed out attempts by the invaders to bypass the defensive positions of the defenders at Chasovoy Yar .


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