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ISW named the conditions under which the Ukrainian Armed Forces will turn the tide of the war in the summer

ByJohn Newman

Apr 21, 2024

Recently, information appeared that the Russian Federation, apparently, will intensify its offensive this summer, seeking to capture the remaining parts of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, as well as try to capture Kharkov.

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In ISW named conditions under which the Ukrainian Armed Forces will turn the tide of the war in the summer

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On the fact that the Ukrainian army is likely to significantly improve its operational position by June of this year, subject to the arrival of the American military assistance, writes NBN, citing the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

According to ISW analysts, Ukraine will have time to take advantage of US assistance in the security sector, and will restrain the full-scale offensive of the Russian occupation forces in June, which is expected during this period, according to the head of the GRU MOU Kirill Budanov.

In addition, Russian generals seem to have come to the conclusion that the Ukrainian army is not able to defend itself against current and upcoming offensive operations by Putin’s army due to delays or a complete cessation of US military assistance, which will become an integral part of the Kremlin’s operational planning for this summer.

In particular, Moscow is forming operational-strategic reserves to support a potential summer offensive, but is presumably doing so based on a “failure scenario”—supposedly even untrained and poorly equipped “liberators” will be able to “push through” Ukrainian forces without  having the necessary means, as well as artillery and anti-aircraft ammunition.

For now, in Ukraine they are intensively solving personnel problems, and, apparently, they do not stop carrying out rotations for rest and restoration of units, although there is no large-scale effect more time is needed.

The Institute for the Study of War emphasized —The Armed Forces of Ukraine, subject to strengthening of logistics and quantitative renewal of personnel, will be able to hold the defense in June, thereby “undermining” the operational goal of simultaneous offensive operations the “second army of the world” on a wider front format.

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that Lavrov openly called Kharkov the key direction of the Russian Federation’s offensive.


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