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IT specialists spoke about applications that will “make life easier” for Android smartphone owners

ByJohn Newman

Jan 18, 2024

Modern “gadgets” on the Android operating system are not so much devices for making voice calls, but rather multifunctional tools, the capabilities of which should be used “to the fullest.”

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IT -experts spoke about applications that will “make life easier” for owners of Android smartphones

Photo – itechua.com

About  , which programs for the Android OS should pay close attention to, since such applications will clearly make the user’s life easier, writes NBN, referring to the iTECHua material.

In particular, software that can download/install right now:

  • Google Assistant is an easy-to-use voice assistant that can tell you everything from weather conditions to traffic conditions;
  • Waze is a navigator that allows you to share the situation along the way (indicate the presence of potholes, mark the location of road works, etc.);
  • Autosync – synchronizes the contents of folders on your smartphone with storage in the cloud “;
  • Monefy — plans a personal budget, has a simple interface and convenient statistics;
  • Find My Device — if one of the devices is lost or stolen, then this application will tell you where it “lies.”

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