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It’s sad to watch – Russian “military correspondents” complained about the destruction of a convoy of invaders by FPV drones

ByJohn Newman

Feb 1, 2024

Russian propagandists were upset about yet another effective strike by the Ukrainian Armed Forces against the enemy. The defense forces, with the help of drones, destroyed the column of “liberators” near Novomikhailovka, Donetsk region, which is why the Kremlin “military correspondents” panicked.

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It’s bittersweet to watch - Russian “military correspondents” complained about the destruction of a convoy of FPV invaders -drones

Photo – EPA

Russian “military correspondent” Roman Saponkov published epic footage of the destruction of the column of “liberators” in his Telegram channel Ukrainian UAVs. Putin’s soldiers tried to advance in the Novomikhailovka area, NBN reports.

Saponkov accused the command of the invaders of not taking into account the factor of the attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine with FPV drones when preparing the operation. According to him, the leadership of the occupiers demonstrated stupidity and incompetence, allowing themselves to lose so much equipment and personnel in a day.

He added that the “second army of the world” today does not have any mass protection from Ukrainian drones, and everything that the Russians are installing has long been outdated and does not cover the new frequencies of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In turn, propagandist Maxim Kalashnikov, commenting on the footage of the destruction of the column, stated that the invaders do not have cover from the sky in the form of small-caliber cannon anti-aircraft systems, anti-aircraft machine guns or small electronic warfare.

“It’s bitter to watch”, wrote the “military correspondent.”

Referring to the words of the invaders, he noted that, unlike the army Putin, in the Defense Forces there are FPV drones in every brigade.

Recall that the Russian media revealed the losses of the Russian Armed Forces as a result of the attack on Crimea on January 31.


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