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Kiper reported details of the morning attack on Odessa region

ByJohn Newman

Apr 20, 2024

Yesterday, April 19, the Russian occupation forces already carried out an attack on the Odessa region, launching missiles and, as a result, damaging port infrastructure, and today the warriors of the aggressor country decided to repeat the attack.

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Kieper reported details of the morning attack on the Odessa region

Photo – reuters.com

About the fact that Putin’s army does not stop the missile terror of this region—from the very morning of Saturday, April 20, enemies struck Odessa several times, writes NBN, citing information published in the official Telegram channel of the head of the local regional military administration (OVA) Oleg Kiper.

According to Kiper, almost immediately after dawn, over the Odessa region, the forces and air defense systems of Ukraine successfully eliminated two X-59 aircraft cruise missiles.

However, a little Later, the Russian-invading army again carried out a series of attacks on Odessa, this time with ballistic missiles. In in particular, as a as a result of a war crime by the Russian Federation, a critical infrastructure facility was hit. At the same time, information regarding the number of victims is still being clarified.

We previously wrote about what Zelensky called the minimum number of modern air defense systems vital for Ukraine to protect the sky.


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