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Klymenko spoke sharply about the shooting of police in the Vinnytsia region

ByJohn Newman

Apr 20, 2024

On Saturday night, April 20, a police patrol stopped an unknown car in the Gaysinsky district of the Vinnytsia region to check – the people in the vehicle suddenly fired at law enforcement officers, killing one Interior Ministry officer and wounding another.

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Klymenko spoke sharply about the shooting of police officers in the Vinnytsia region

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About the fact that a group of people , who actually shot the policemen in the Vinnytsia region, it is necessary to find them as urgently as possible (an interception plan has been launched both in this region and in the Odessa region), writes NBN, referring to information published in the official Telegram channel of the head Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Igor Klimenko.

According to Klimenko, it is not at all so important who was wearing what clothes, just as the fact of physical condition does not matter (apparently, we are talking about  alcohol or drug intoxication of attackers) or the reason for committing a crime, since there is no justification for such actions either in the past or in the future.

The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs emphasized, having previously expressed condolences to the relatives and friends of the police officers, that the shooters must be quickly “found and detained” so that they will respond “to the fullest extent of the Law.”

Klimenko summed up:

And yes: this tragic incident demonstrates that there is no rear for the police.

Earlier we wrote that Klimenko showed the consequences of the shelling of the Kharkov region on April 10.


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