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KNIISE studied the real characteristics of the Russian Zircons, disproving the “super” capabilities of the missiles

ByJohn Newman

Mar 27, 2024

According to numerous confirmations, the Russian occupation army carried out repeated attacks on Kyiv (February 7 and March 25), using “innovative” Zircon anti-ship missiles.

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About the fact that “Zircons” cannot cope with their main tasks because they “fly in the wrong place” , where necessary,” writes “NBN”, referring to the explanation of the head of the military research laboratory of the Kiev Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise (KNIISE) Andrey Kulchytsky, published by “Suspilny”.

According to Kulchitsky, in addition to everything described above, everything that the Zircons are equipped with does not correspond to the characteristics of both “super” and “hyper” – all this is nothing more than words, but in reality These missiles still have a long way to go for combat use, since they do not perform “the work for which they are designed,” and are also “charged” with a small volume of explosives (40 kg), when compared with the X -101/X-22.

The head of the KNIISE laboratory emphasized that the air defenses that Ukraine has are able to successfully shoot down Zircons, in particular, on one of the fragments of the missile eliminated on Monday it is clearly visible that the ammunition is “grounded” by the Patriot system.

It is worth adding separately – it was assumed that the Zircons cannot reach hypersonic speeds, but according to research, this type of missile is still hypersonic (up to ;9 MAX), that is, more difficult to eliminate.

Earlier, we wrote about that the Air Forces reported why the Russian Federation began to use Zircons.


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