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Kuleba reacted to Duda’s doubts about the need for de-occupation of the Crimean peninsula

ByJohn Newman

Feb 3, 2024

The day before, Polish President Andrzej Duda made a statement – he is not sure whether our country will be able to liberate Crimea, but suggests that the return of Donetsk and Lugansk is undoubtedly possible, in particular, the Polish leader indicated – the occupied peninsula in 2014, became a “special place… for historical reasons”, since “it was in the hands of the Russian Federation most of the time.”

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U Kuleby responded to Duda's doubts about the need to de occupation of the Crimean peninsula

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About how representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of our country commented on the above statement of the Polish leader Duda, writes “NBN “, referring to the X-account of the Ambassador of Ukraine to Poland Vasily Zvarych.

In particular, the Ambassador remind you that the deoccupation of Crimea is “our common task and obligation to the free world,” while the peninsula, Of course, as it was Ukraine, it will remain so, since any statements to the contrary contradict the norms of international law. In addition, the temporary occupation of Crimea by the Russian Federation is a war crime, for which the aggressor country “will be punished.”

Zvarych emphasized:

We will do this [de-occupy] without a doubt. We believe and work together.

Earlier, we wrote about what Duda said, without which Ukraine will not be able to win the war against the Russian Federation.


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