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Lithuania will significantly reduce the study of Russian in the country's schools

ByJohn Newman

Jan 23, 2024

The number of those who want to study Russian as a second foreign language is decreasing in Lithuanian schools. The government hopes that in 10 years such a choice will remain in only a few educational institutions.

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Lithuania will significantly reduce the study of the Russian language in the country's schools

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According to «NBN» with reference to Delfi, this was announced by the Minister of Education, Science and Sports of Lithuania Gintautas Jakstas.

I would like to hope that if we continue to have the same trends as now , then the prospect of choosing the Russian language will be very limited, then a small part in several schools will be able to study Russian, — Yakshtas explained.

In particular, the minister claims that the Ministry only recommends not choosing the Russian language. He noted that the government does not want to make extreme decisions. This means a complete cessation of teaching the Russian language.

Changes need to be carried out gradually, we need to follow the path of reduction, — the minister added.

According to the official, the Ministry is trying to strengthen the training of teachers of other foreign languages. In this regard, Jakstas emphasized, the number of people wishing to study Russian is already declining. At the same time, the minister is not sure whether Lithuania needs to follow the path of Latvia and Estonia, namely, a complete abandonment of Russian schools.

We recall that earlier Kolya Serga told what helped him “forget” the Russian language.


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