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Long-range Taurus missiles for Ukraine: a vote was held in the Bundestag

ByJohn Newman

Jan 18, 2024

As is known, the Ukrainian state has long been requesting long-range Taurus missiles from Germany. And today a vote was held on this matter in the Bundestag.

Taurus long-range missiles for Ukraine: a vote was held in the Bundestag

Photo – dw.com

As NBN reports with reference to a message released by the press service of the German parliament, to date the German government has consistently refused to provide Ukraine with the above cruise missiles.

Yesterday evening it became known that the Bundestag failed to vote for a draft resolution on the supply of long-range Taurus missiles to Ukraine. Deputies did not support the opposition's request to transfer strategic missiles to Ukraine. 178 deputies voted in favor, 485 voted against. Three more deputies abstained.

Recall that we previously wrote that a military expert revealed factors that will allow Germany to speed up the transfer of Taurus missiles to Ukraine.


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