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Lubinets commented on the outrage regarding the tightening of requirements for the allocation of social assistance to IDPs

ByJohn Newman

May 4, 2024

Since March 1 of this year, the government of Ukraine has made significant changes to the procedure for assigning social assistance to displaced people, intending to reduce the number of recipients of public funds.

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Lubinets commented on the outrage regarding the tightening of requirements for the assignment of social assistance to IDPs

Photo – ukrinform.ua

About the fact that the Office of the Ombudsman is receiving an increasing volume of complaints from internally displaced persons (IDPs) due to the cancellation of social benefits from the state for such citizens, including the refusal to provide additional services in territorial communities, writes NBN “, referring to the explanations voiced by the Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights Dmitry Lubinets and published by Ukrinform.

According to the & nbsp; the words of the Lubinz, now the “insane” number of appeals of immigrants, justifiably believing & nbsp; – their & nbsp; illegally deprived of the right to & nbsp; additional social support, and & nbsp; it is & nbsp; & nbsp; Previously guaranteed every adult and & nbsp; to every child who lost “virtually everything on HERE or on the front line.” In particular, citizens demand one thing – the state must resume these payments.

In addition, requests have become more frequent regarding receiving a number of additional services from communities, for example, regarding the placement of a child in a kindergarten or school. In previous years, this was usually done at the beginning of the educational process/year, but at the current stage there are much fewer such cases, and IDP families are forced to move from one community to another.

Earlier, we wrote that the Ministry of Reintegration talked about a new document, without which IDPs will not be able to receive payments.


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