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Meeting between Kuleba and Szijjarto: the OPU named the main goal of the negotiations between the heads of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

ByJohn Newman

Jan 22, 2024

On January 29, Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba will meet with Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó in Uzhgorod. The head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Ermak announced the main goal of the diplomats' negotiations.

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Meeting between Kuleba and Szijjártó: the OPU named the main goal of the negotiations between the leaders of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Photo – facebook.com/szijjarto.peter.official

In an interview with the Interfax-Ukraine news agency, the head of Zelensky’s Office said that the main task of the negotiations between the Ukrainian and Hungarian ministers was to discuss agreements on a meeting between President Vladimir Zelensky and the head government of Hungary Viktor Orban, reports NBN.

The official said that there is already an agreement between Kiev and Budapest to spend the necessary number of hours to clarify all issues and achieve an understanding of when, where and with which potential agreements, negotiations between the Ukrainian leader and the head of the Hungarian government will take place.

The head of the OPU added that Hungary is a neighbor of our country and a member state of the European Union and the North Atlantic Alliance. Therefore, Kyiv and Budapest must talk and establish a constructive dialogue.

Russian media previously stated that Moscow was blackmailing Orban because of the meeting with Zelensky. The Kremlin threatens to deprive Hungary of 3 billion euros.


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