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Negotiations are urgently needed – Soloviev dreamed of creating a military alliance between the Russian Federation and Iran, North Korea and China

ByJohn Newman

Jan 29, 2024

The mouthpiece of the Putin regime, Vladimir Solovyov, announced the need to create a new military bloc. According to the pseudo-journalist, the alliance should include the Russian Federation, North Korea, Iran and the People's Republic of China. The propagandist believes that Moscow must urgently negotiate with representatives of these states.

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We urgently need to negotiate – Solovyov dreamed of creating a military alliance of the Russian Federation with Iran, North Korea and China

Photo – tass.ru

On the air of his propaganda show “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov,” the mouthpiece of the Putin regime said that Russia, the DPRK, the PRC and Iran should unite to create a military alliance, NBN reports with reference to the TsPD Telegram channel.

According to the pseudo-journalist, supposedly the West will understand that they will have to deal with the “world majority.” The propagandist believes that if half a billion Chinese become behind the 150 million citizens of the aggressor country, it will be “a completely different matter.”

Soloviev said that in order to create a military bloc, Moscow must urgently negotiate with Beijing, Tehran and Pyongyang .

Note that the Russian Federation and China are close to creating a military alliance, as previously stated by political scientists. This is evidenced by various factors, in particular, the Kremlin transferred submarine technology, S-400 air defense systems, Su-25 aircraft and Mi-17 helicopters to Beijing.

In addition, the Russian Federation and China agreed on cooperation in the development of high-tech weapons. The countries also began to conduct joint naval exercises in the Sea of ​​Japan.

Earlier, Soloviev “predicted” the start of a war between the West and Russia.


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