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Not only to survive, but also to develop – Shevchenko indicated a country that would become an example for him in his work as head of UAF

ByJohn Newman

Jan 25, 2024

Today, January 25, after his election to the position of president of the Ukrainian Football Association (UAF), Andriy Shevchenko set his priorities, speaking immediately after his appointment at an extraordinary reporting and election meeting of this organization.

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Not only to survive, but to develop — Shevchenko indicated a country that will become an example for him in working as the head of the UAF

Photo – REUTERS/Claudia Greco

On how, in the opinion of the newly elected head of UAF Andrey Shevchenko, one should approach the  eliminating the problems of developing a specialized sport against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine, writes NBN, citing the Tribune material.

According to Shevchenko, Croatia previously faced an identical challenge, however, despite all the difficulties, this state overcame the problems. In addition, the national legend of our country emphasized that his famous Croatian colleague Zvonimir Boban can help him with such a difficult issue related to the outflow of youth (a similar thing happened during the war in Croatia in the 90s). with whom the Ukrainian repeatedly played for Milan.

Shevchenko emphasized:

We live in the most difficult time in&nbsp ;the history of Ukraine, when not only the future of football, but the entire country is being decided. The main task is to understand how football can not only survive, but also develop [despite the stagnation].

Earlier we wrote about the French football player who always amazes with efficiency game, Shevchenko spoke enthusiastically.


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