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One of the best brigades of the Ukrainian Armed Forces was sent to Avdievka for reinforcements – media

ByJohn Newman

Feb 12, 2024

Russian occupation forces are not giving up attempts to capture Avdiivka, Donetsk region. The “Second World Army” regularly storms the positions of the Defense Forces in this direction and shells the city. The media report that the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine sent reinforcements to this section of the front.

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One of the best brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was sent to reinforce Avdiivka - media

Photo – t.me/V_Zelenskiy_official

The American edition of Forbes reports that the Defense Forces in the Avdeevka area of ​​the Donetsk region have received reinforcements. Journalists write that the leadership of the Ukrainian Army sent one of the best brigades of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the 3rd Separate Brigade, to this front zone, NBN reports.

The publication notes that last week the 3rd separate assault brigade was in reserve in the east of the country. Apparently, what has been happening near Avdeevka in recent weeks has forced the 3rd Special Brigade to suspend training and return to the battlefield.

The media drew attention to the statement of the commander of the Tavria operational-strategic group of troops, Alexander Tarnavsky. The day before, the brigadier general announced reinforcements for Avdeevka with the involvement of fresh, effective forces.

Recall that the head of the press center of the Tauride Defense Forces, Dmitry Lykhovy, spoke about the possibility of operational encirclement of Avdeevka by Russian troops.


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