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Pletenchuk spoke about the “fate” of the Ka-27 crew liquidated over Crimea

ByJohn Newman

Apr 10, 2024

Today, near the temporarily occupied Crimean peninsula, a Ka-27 helicopter was destroyed, which Russian occupation forces used to identify attack surface drones and landing boats of the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

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 Pletenchuk spoke about the “fate” of the Ka-27 crew liquidated over the Crimea

Photo – wikipedia.org

About that after the destruction of this enemy aircraft, the invader forces began an intensive search and rescue operation, and the invaders were also able to find the crew of the downed Ka-27, writes NBN, citing an explanation made by the representative of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Dmitry ” falls of the Ka-27 are still being established.

In addition, it is not yet possible to provide verified data on this matter, since the Russian search operation is still ongoing, which involves other helicopters and a patrol boat of the ” Raptor.”

Thus, it is too early to judge the final fate of the Ka-27 crew, except that everything “happened not far from the Black Sea” [at Cape Tarkhankut].

Earlier, we wrote that the GUR reported on the consequences of an attack on an aircraft plant in the Voronezh region.


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