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President of Ukraine Zelensky addressed the G7 leaders: what the Ukrainian leader called for (VIDEO)

ByJohn Newman

Feb 24, 2024

The President of the Ukrainian state Vladimir Aleksandrovich Zelensky addressed the leaders of the G7 (Big Seven), calling on them to help our country in confronting the Russian Federation, whose army attacked the territory of Ukraine, destroying everything that was on its paths, including the civilian population.

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Ukrainian President Zelensky addressed the G7 leaders: what the Ukrainian leader called for (VIDEO)

Photo – liga.net

As NBN reports, Zelensky’s address to the leaders of the G7 was captured on video and published in the TG channel of the President of Ukraine.

In in particular, Zelensky stated the following:

You all know very well what we need to be able to protect ourselves. So that our sky is protected and the army is strengthened on the ground. And you all know very well what we need to support and continue our successes at sea. And you understand perfectly well that we need all this time. We are counting on you very much.

According to the words of the Ukrainian leader, our country and partners have already been able to “achieve a lot, and the world feels that Putin can lose this war.”

Finally, he added:

And when he loses this war, not just one person in the world will win, but the entire global community of peoples and international law will win as such will win, and we should ensure this.

Vladimir Zelensky also expressed gratitude to the G7 states for their support throughout the two years of war and emphasized that “that terrible day, the twenty-fourth of February and all the horror brought by Russia still did not deprive Ukraine of a normal future.

Finally, he added:

Please remember that the imperial ambitions and revanchism disappear only from the loss of those who are infected with them, and this is always what opens up space for real security and the development of democracy. We hear at this time: History is watching. And this is absolutely true.  

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