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Satellite images of the Kommuna ship hit in Sevastopol were published on the Internet.

ByJohn Newman

Apr 23, 2024

Satellite photographs of the rescue ship of the Russian occupiers “Kommuna”, which the Ukrainian Defense Forces hit on April 21 in temporarily captured Sevastopol, appeared on the Internet.

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Photo – ria.ru

OSINT analyst MT Anderson on his page on the social network X published satellite images of the rescue ship “Commune” of troops of the aggressor country before the attack on April 20 and after the attack by the Ukrainian Armed Forces on April 22, NBN reports.

A photograph of the ship of the “second army of the world” hit in Sevastopol demonstrates that it did not receive significant damage as a result of the attack by the Ukrainian Defense Forces April 21.

Photo — twitter.com/mt_anderson

In addition, the Russian invaders left the Kommuna ship in the same place where it was hit. At the same time, the Project 775 BDK and the Burevestnik patrol ship were moved by the “liberators” to another place, and the Russians placed the Ivan Khurs reconnaissance ship near the pier.

Previously, the speaker of the Ukrainian Navy Dmitry Pletenchuk said , for what purpose did the occupiers use the ship “Commune”, which was hit by the Defense Forces in the temporarily occupied Crimea.


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