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Shakhtar were eliminated from Euroseason 23/24: the media found out how much the miners managed to earn

ByJohn Newman

Feb 23, 2024

All 32 football clubs that took part in the group stage of the Champions League are ranked at the top based on a ranking based on their performance, and if the last team is entitled to €1.137 million, then each subsequent – by the same amount more, and now it has become known how much they will pay Shakhtar.

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About the fact that since the Donetsk club Shakhtar was almost the last of the domestic teams to complete its performance in the European Cups, having been eliminated after the game with the French Olympique Marseille, it will be able to count on more than 40 million euros, writes NBN, referring to the Informant's material.

The main share of the remuneration, Shakhtar, will be paid for performances in the Champions League—15.64 million euros (as for ;points scored, and for getting into the “historical rating”). Also, each victory in the group race gives the team 2.8 million euros, and for a draw – 0.93 million euros. In addition, for the 3 triumphs (2 over Antwerp and 1 over Barcelona), the Orange-and-Blacks earned 8.4 million euros from the prize fund not including 0.734 million bonuses euro bonus of undistributed “boot.”

Plus, taking into account the fact that UEFA very generously evaluates clubs in the “Champions League”—at 9.6 million euros for “entering the  field”, and for participation in the 1/25 final – 10.6 million euros, in total Shakhtar will receive 46.377 million euros.

Earlier, we wrote about how the captain Shakhtar's Stepanenko spoke about plans for the future after his career ends.


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